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Workers More Prone to Lie In Email, So What?

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in the internet nobody knows you are a dog

in the internet nobody knows you are a dog

New research finds workers more prone to lie in email. I did not read the entire research yet but it does look like an interesting topic with a lot of potential. Over the years email (security) evolved from server protection (do you remember swatch) to content protection. From a security research stand point, content detection methods were mostly static, focusing on white listing, black listing or even behavior. Data Fingerprinting changed our (mine for sure) approach for content protection. It was possible to identify and classify even small chunks of information.  New profiling technologies will also allow us to understand normal behavior and in a way, create a way to distinguish between good and bad.

According to the research, people feel justified when lying using email.  Liuba Belkin co-author of the studies and an assistant professor of management at Lehigh University said that “There is a growing concern in the workplace over email communications, and it comes down to trust, ….in an organizational context, that leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation and, as we saw in our study, intentional deception.”

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Written by sharon

October 7th, 2008 at 9:12 pm