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McCain’s Palin Is Not A Hacker

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Like many others, I was surprised from McCain’s selection. I’m not sure that I would advised that, but he did not call me. Googling for Sarah Palin, brings this interesting site, stating that she started her career as a hacker (some sort of…)

Sarah Palin, a libertarian and hockey mom from the fast-growing suburbs of Anchorage, began her political career — as an appointed member of the state’s Oil and Gas Commission — by hacking into the computer of another commissioner, Randy Ruedrich, chairman of the Alaska Republican Party. Palin was seeking the evidence that she would eventually use to charge him with an improper relationship with lobbyists. (Ruedrich would later settle state ethics charges against him by paying a $12,000 fine.)

Wired clears Sarah and explained that she was performing this act as part of her duty as chairwoman of the Oil and Gas Commission and its ethics supervisor.

We’ve seen hackers transformed, but we never had one (correct me if I’m wrong) changed into a VP of America candidate.

Sarah Palin holds a salmon

Sarah Palin holds a salmon

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August 30th, 2008 at 11:36 pm

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