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Unfortunately, I Can’t Use an iPhone

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Similar to my phone

Similar to my phone

Trying to looks trendier, I decided that it’s about time to upgrade my not-so-new Blackberry. I just need to get ‘em to stare at my device, I thought to myself. My standards are not too high. I don’t need a camera, movies, mp3, sliders, voices or anything like it. It just need to be cool, trendy, light and above all, attune to my email habits. The first device that I tested was the iPhone 3G. I asked the doctor to land me his phone and after installing active sync server and protecting it with the SE, I was ready to go.

The good things:

The device is sexy and cool. The UI is simple to use (I do not read manuals) and intuitive. The app store is amazing. I will not be the first nor the last person to say that Apple changed the world with this application. Two big thumbs up for the idea and execution. Web surfing is great: it works fine in multiple languages, handles dynamic content well. Attachment management works well as well.

But sadly I report that the iPhone is almost unusable when it comes to handling my emails. Here’s why:
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Written by sharon

October 12th, 2008 at 11:52 pm

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