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What is all this about lie and other detectors?

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In his latest posting (, Sharon refers to a hypothetical detector for lying over email. Now such things exist, and have existed for quite some time. Plotters connected to sensors have been used as lie detectors since its evolutionary invention spanning some 40 years and multiple devices during the turn of the last century. Every so often a handheld lie detector would appear on the classified ads of some local newspaper or one of the inflight magazines or skymall.

Now everyone knows (or should know) that the jury is out about the accuracy of lie detectors. Now why is that significant?

There are 4 possible outcomes of a lie detector test:

Did not lie


Not caught

Not lied and not caught (0,0)

Lied and Not Caught (1,0)


Not lied but caught (0,1)

Lied and caught (1,1)

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Written by assafl

October 14th, 2008 at 6:38 pm