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Balancing Security’s Opposite Pairs

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HWY 101 is jammed again, which gives me a lot of time to stare at the billboards.  Symantec (big yellow) caught my attention with a “you need the speed” sign promoting their latest anti virus release. Apparently, they started a huge campaign around the speed of their anti virus, it’s weightless etc. No too many words about security.

You Need The Speed

You Need The Speed

I am not trying to pick on Symantec’s Norton Anti Virus.  In today’s commercialized  and commoditized environment, the messages should be catchy, fast and appeal to the common dominators. But this ad allows me to rant on some of the two non-changeable variables couples or opposite pairs that makes data security such an interesting field.

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October 3rd, 2008 at 12:12 pm

Another sacred Yak bites the dust

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Once in a while, you get to a place that changes your outlook on life and everything that you hold to be a “basic truth”. Mongolia is one such place. Everything from literacy of nomads (98% !!!!) to happiness to the importance of time (Mongolians – outside of the capital UlaanBaatar - measured time in what seems to be seasons, not hours or even days).

One of the challenging ones for us, a group of mountain bikers which consisted of 3 1/2 engineers and 3 1/2 doctors, was the consumption of red meat and cheese in Mongolia. That surely, cannot be healthy: can it?

When I mean red meat and cheese, I mean ONLY red meat and cheese, and perhaps some flour to make Tsuivan, some sort of a chewy noodles and boiled mutton, which, when properly seasoned, is not bad.

Tsuivan is homemade sticky noodles with boiled mutton and little spices

Tsuivan is homemade sticky noodles with boiled mutton and little spices

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Written by assafl

October 2nd, 2008 at 10:00 am

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Identity: The 100 Point Check

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Credit Cards by s e v i n at

Credit Cards by "s e v i n" at

Here in Australia, in order to perform a certain set of transactions (for example, to open a bank account) there is a government mandated identification process, called the 100 Point Check[note: PDF] and is codified in the Financial Transaction Reports Act of 1988.

The short version is this: When you come to identify yourself, you need to have 100 points. To reach this number you have to supply documented proof of your identity which adds up to 100 points. Lets see what’s considered as identifiers:

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October 1st, 2008 at 6:40 pm

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